What do you notice?

Isaac and Rebecca, Known as ‘The Jewish Bride’, Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1665 - 1669

1) Look at this artwork for 60 seconds:

2) What is the first detail you notice? 

3) Take a closer look

4) Can you discover a new detail that you just haven't seen? 

Train your creative brain and come up with as many answers as possible, are you participating? With each other, with your kids, or for example during your online break with your colleagues. Share your answers below.

©Rembrandt van Rijn

More Creativity Breaks are found here. See you in the museum for a 1:1 Art Based Learning session or a Teamsession 'Art Connects' in the virtual museum. Questions and information: info@lerenvankunst.nl 

-Tip: Share this Creativity Break with colleagues, family & friends & do the exercise together -

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