Roumayne Schepers, facilitator and founder of Learn From Art likes to speak at (company) events about Creativity, Art & Business. After years of working as a pharmacist, she switched carreers and and nowadays, as a creative entrepreneur, she contributes to the connection between the museum and the business community. How can we use art and creative thinking in organisations? Hoe kunnen we kunst en creatief denken inzetten bij zakelijke vraagstukken?

“By looking at art in a different way, we train our creative thinking skills. Creativity is becoming an increasingly important skill for people and organizations. It ensures innovation power, growth and agility. Creativity is in third place in 2020 in the top 10 skills for a future-proof organization, according to the report "The future of jobs" by the World Economic Forum. Five years earlier, creativity was in tenth place. So let's get started!”  


Looking for an unforgettable experience in the Learn From Art Museum?

Visitors can participate in various Creativity Breaks, work on a personal issue during an Art Based Learning session or search for the meaning of a work of art by means of Visual Thinking Strategies. Both online and offline.

Learn From Art likes to think along with the possibilities. 

Where could and can you find the (online) pop-up museum? >>> Chaos in de orde festival Rachel Levi – Online Course Business Summit Zakenmeisje – Zomerstorm  Stormpunt – Ynnovators Day Ynnovate – Summer School Mamamojo – Aanbod Cultuurwerkt! 


Na 12 jaar als apotheker in de farmaceutische industrie te hebben gewerkt was het medio 2018 tijd voor een nieuw avontuur. Ze zegde haar baan op en startte Leren Van Kunst. Nu traint en stimuleert zij – offline & online – de creativiteit van ondernemers & teams en heeft inmiddels meer dan 500 Art Based Learning sessies (online & offline) mogen begeleiden, 

See you in the pop-up museum during an event or company day!