Roumayne Schepers

Roumayne Schepers

Roumayne is a facilitator and founder of Learn From Art and writes about creativity & art within and outside organizations.

My first time...

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I still remember it well. I was still recovering from a severe stomach flu. I gave birth to our second child a few months before. And yet I felt very strongly: I really cannot call in sick. I had to go to Arnhem, because this could well be the start of something very beautiful ...

Have I ever told you about my very first Art Based Learning experience? No, I don't think so, how bizarre because it had been the most intense experience with a work of art to date.

Until a few years before meeting this intriguing cloud, I hardly ever went to museums. It was only when I started at the Photo Academy that I was told by the teachers: Get inspired, for example in the museum.

I followed up on the advice of my teachers and it was such a great experience. Because of the environment, but especially because of everything I saw. Museums feel like a mini dream world to me. I can get lost in the large halls and enjoy a work of art that touches me at that moment. Because of the colors, something I recognize from my own life, because of the people who are present in the arwork and I can go on like this for a while.

Art Based Learning
When I first watched the work "Nimbus" by Berndhaut Smilde 2 x 25 minutes, a new world opened up for me. So many beautiful things that this cloud has brought me. I entered the museum with the question “How can I really enjoy the moment and situation I was in at the time?” (Still employed as a pharmacist, but the desire to start my own company… but what I didn't know yet…)

My sketchbook is filled with beautiful insights, drawings and stories. And since then, and joy has almost feels naturally! Read - almost - people, because the artwork is not an oracle that solves everything for you. But my mindset has changed since then and the world looks a bit different!

I wish everyone to also have a nice Art Based Learning experience. It's so beautiful to see what everyone experiences and takes home with them.

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