The Online Art Connects Game
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Met de 5 games you do not get bored and you ensure fun, energy and connection with each other in a fun and accessible way. Whether at home or remotely via the screen. 

Each game contains 20 questions, 20 challenges and 40 works of art. Every game is unique. Play "The Online Art Connects Game" with your family, children, friends, colleagues or with your date. Have fun!

Who are you going to invite? 

You can now try the first 5 questions and exercises of the "Family" edition for free. Enthusiastic? Unlock the other 35 questions or another edition: Kids - Friends - Team - Love! All games have the same rules, but new questions / assignments and unique works of art!

5 Games

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Get to know your family even better. Invite your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc. for a fun night of watching art.


Questions easy to play with children. But also a fun and playful way for adults to have nice conversations with kids. 


How well do you really know your friends? With the questions and assignments from the game you go back to 'the past' and 'here & now'.


A fun and accessible way to have personal attention for your colleagues. Don't forget to do the bonus question together! 


Whether you have been together for years or just get to know each other ... This game guarantees fun and pleasant moments together. At home or remotely. 


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family – kids – friends – team – love

Wil je alle spellen spelen? Maak nu gebruik van de ‘Crazy-Gekke-Actie’ & ontvang €38,- korting bij aankoop van alle edities!

Free Preview

Don't believe everything you read 😉 Unlock the first five questions and exercises of the family edition, try it out & decide afterwards!

About Learn From Art

Na 12 jaar als apotheker in de farmaceutische industrie te hebben gewerkt was het medio 2018 tijd voor een nieuw avontuur. Ze zegde haar baan op en startte Leren Van Kunst. Nu traint en stimuleert zij – offline & online – de creativiteit van ondernemers & teams en heeft inmiddels meer dan 500 Art Based Learning sessies (online & offline) mogen begeleiden. And after the opening of the virtual museum in September, it is now time for the very first 'Learn From Art - Game'.

Roumayne Schepers

Game on!

“Nice to be able to play a game at your own pace and in your own order. Educational in different ways. Really recommended to do something different together and have a lot of fun together”


“With my children I like to do the quests that have been set out for them in museums. Now I can have the same experience: digital and adult-oriented. It brings art to life and brings friends and family closer together.”


“This is really fun and I will definitely play with my nieces and nephews. I will go for the kids edition! I always really enjoy going to the museum with them, so I'm curious about the game!”


“I had never done this before looking at art in this way. And with the questions and exercises you will spend a nice time all together. There are also works of art that I would never pay attention but I do now. Thanks!”


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Reguliere prijs €85,-

“Onwijs leuk om te doen met mijn ouders. Een uitkomst nu we elkaar minder zien. We houden allemaal van spelletjes, dus dit is een hele leuke manier om een gezellig avondje te beleven!”


“De opdrachten zijn heel gevarieerd en naast dat het creatieve opdrachten zijn met kunst, zitten er ook persoonlijke vragen tussen. Een mooie afsluiter van het afgelopen jaar.”