Roumayne Schepers

Roumayne Schepers

Roumayne is a facilitator and founder of Learn From Art and writes about creativity & art within and outside organizations.

Let’s go digital!

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Yes… good news in these challenging times: Since the end of August there is a new Nxt Museum in Amsterdam-Noord. Yes, here is a happy Amsterdam-Noord resident who will soon be getting on her bicycle to the museum. But also easily accessible from Amsterdam CS.

It is the first New Media museum in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a Rembrandt or a Van Gogh? Sorry, you won't find it here. Expect large digital installations, moving images… ohhh and ahhh moments. Created by artists, designers, technologists, scientists and musicians. I am very curious what you think! Will you share it below?  

Asterweg 22
1031 HP Amsterdam

Due to COVID-19 you can buy tickets online and reserve a time slot.

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