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The Online Art Connects Game is leuk en makkelijk om samen met elkaar te spelen. Leer elkaar nog beter kennen. Elk spel bevat 20 questions and 20 exercises. You decide how many you play. Play the game with or without scoring. Remotely, or at home together. In addition to a social gathering, you train your creativity muscle. The exercises challenge your creative brain for example: by associating, looking better and longer and using your imagination. Have fun!

Before you start

Before you start: For the best display, open the game with Google Chrome on a laptop / desktop. A tablet / mobile is not recommended.

  1. Get pen and paper
  2. Get something to drink and eat
  3. Determine who keeps score
  4. Idea: Make a physical jar of notes with all the numbers of the questions / exercises. Each round someone draws a number from the pot. Everyone plays every round. 

Ready? Set…go! Scroll down to 'Questions & Exercises'. 
Have a lot of fun together!

Questions & Exercises

with yourself
& each other

Click on the number on the right in the playing field > The work of art of the assignment appears in total on the screen of the assignment > The question / assignment is below the image of the assignment > Click on the "back to questions / exercises button" to go back to this playing field. 

Idea: If you click on the image in the question, a higher quality of the photo will appear, incl. the title & name of the artist. Click "x" at the top right or "esc" to return to the previous screen.

End of the game? Click on the yellow "Family tile" in the center of the playing field.


Ready voor de rest van het spel?!

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Spoiler: below you will find all artworks
You will automatically encounter them during the game
Go straight back to Start, don't pass the prison 😉

- 1 -

What do you still want to learn?

Each player gets 1 point for his / her answer

• Why do you want to learn this?
• Have you always wanted to learn this or did the wish arised later?

- 2 -

Viewing exercise - I see I see what you do not see

The player with the most unique details gets 2 points

• Look at this artwork for 1 minute
• Write down as many details as you think no one else sees

Everyone shares his / her details.
• Do you hear a detail that you also have? Then delete it
• Who has the most unique details?

- 3 -

What music did you dance to when you were young?

Each player gets 1 point for his / her answer

• And what is nowadays your favorite song when you dance? 

- 4 -

Viewing exercise - Draw without an example

The player with the most votes gets 2 points

• Look carefully at the artwork for 1 minute

• After this minute, make sure the artwork is out of sight
• Draw the artwork as detailed as possible (without example!)

• Show the drawings to each other
• Vote which drawing you think most resembles the original
• Who receives most of the votes?

- 5 -

What is your best memory of last year?

Each player gets 1 point for his / her answer

• What comes to mind first? 
• Maybe a nice anecdote that you have not shared yet?

- locked -

This question is locked in this free version of the game

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Thanks for your curiosity & see you next time! 
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