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Are you looking for an online or offline experience in the museum for yourself or with your team? Yeah! Scroll down for a description of all activities. Questions? Contact us by email - info [at] leervankunst.nl - or call +31 (0) 6 5180 4905. See you soon in the museum!


The virtual museum has opened its doors and teams can experience a special Art Based Learning session here. 


Experience a 1:1 Art Based Learning session in the museum. Or take the Insta Museum Guide with you for an offline experience in the museum. 

Now that working from home seems to be the new norm, it is a challenge to maintain the connection with your colleagues. A team session provides more energy and connection within your team. In a fun, easy and creative way. 100% Corona proof..

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Train your creativity muscle in the museum! Bring the Insta Museum Guide: An online guide for an offline experience. 9 viewing assignments for the museum that you can doby yourself. Where? In every art museum! Your museum visits will never be the same again!

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The very first virtual "Learn From Art" museum has opened. Open 24/7. There are 26 works of art to admire. Take the Creativity Breaks or the Insta Museum Guide for example. The online team sessions and networking events will also take place here. And you can bet that after this you will want to go to the Rijksmuseum very quickly to admire the works of art in real life 🙂

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Learn From Art gives creative workshops Art Based Learning and likes to talk about Art, Creativity & Business at events. Online & Offline.

Collaborations: Chaosindeorde.nlZakenmeisje.nlStormpunt.nlYnnovate.itMamamojo.nl – Cultuurwerkt.nl

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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a personal question that you really want to tackle now? Book a 1:1 Art Based Learning or join 1 of the networking events organized by Learn From Art. 

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Art Based Learning

Art Based Learning is a valuable and proven method to pay attention to yourself, gain new insights and stimulate your creative ability.How? By looking at art. Really see. Watch longer. By associating, fantasizing, putting yourself in the work of art. And by reconnecting that experience with an issue.

Visual Thinking Strategies

Visual Thinking Strategies is a proven learning method, grounded in scientific research. You can view a number of artworks with your team. Because everyone constantly observes and notices something new, you and your team will give meaning to a work of art. Knowledge of art is absolutely not necessary! The approach teaches people to observe, investigate, listen to and build on each other openly and without judgment by looking at works of art.

Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking is a method developed by the Harvard Project Zero. Thinking is made visible and your creative brain is put to work by means of "viewing routines". Viewing art is experienced by this method as fun and creative. The Creativity Breaks of Learn From Art contain many elements from the Visible Thinking methodology.

Roumayne Schepers

Na 12 jaar als apotheker in de farmaceutische industrie te hebben gewerkt was het medio 2018 tijd voor een nieuw avontuur. Ze zegde haar baan op en startte Leren Van Kunst. Nu traint en stimuleert zij – offline & online – de creativiteit van ondernemers & teams en heeft inmiddels meer dan 500 Art Based Learning sessies (online & offline) mogen begeleiden.