Kunst Verbindt! Juist in deze tijd is het nodig dat we in verbinding blijven met elkaar. Boek een bijzondere teambuilding sessie op een bijzondere plek: het virtuele museum. Connect met jezelf & elkaar!

Neem alvast een kijkje in het museum, speel 1 van de 5 ‘Kunst Verbindt‘ spellen of luister naar de Kunst Verbindt Podcast 

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Het Online 'Kunst Verbindt' Spel

Unlock alle spellen (x5)

Met de 5 games you do not get bored and you ensure fun, energy and connection with each other in a fun and accessible way. Whether at home or remotely via the screen. 

Elk spel bevat 20 vragen, 20 opdrachten en 40 kunstwerken. Speel ‘Het Online Kunst Verbindt Spel’ met je familie, kinderen, vrienden, collega’s of met je date. Have fun!

Who are you going to invite? 

5 Games


Get to know your family even better. Invite your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc. for a fun night of watching art.


ex 21% btw


Questions easy to play with children. But also a fun and playful way for adults to have nice conversations with kids. 


ex 21% btw


How well do you really know your friends? With the questions and assignments from the game you go back to 'the past' and 'here & now'.


ex 21% btw


A fun and accessible way to have personal attention for your colleagues. Don't forget to do the bonus question together! 


ex 21% btw


Whether you have been together for years or just get to know each other ... This game guarantees fun and pleasant moments together. At home or remotely. 


ex 21% btw

Game on!

“Nice to be able to play a game at your own pace and in your own order. Educational in different ways. Really recommended to do something different together and have a lot of fun together”


“With my children I like to do the quests that have been set out for them in museums. Now I can have the same experience: digital and adult-oriented. It brings art to life and brings friends and family closer together.”


Art Based

What is Art Based Learning and what does it bring you and your team? And do you need to understand art? Art Based Learning provides a connection with yourself and with each other.

Bijzondere teamsessie

Because we work remotely, it is important to stay connected. A unique team session at Learning From Art ensures this.


Visit a museum with a group? Come to the very first virtual "Learning From Art Museum". Open 24/7, pick up your free museum ticket.

breaks (free)

Ready for a Creativity Break? For example, during the lunch break? View the free viewing exercises. Connect with your colleagues.


Learn From Art regularly organizes network drinks in the museum. Be welcome and get to know the museum and the artworks.


Looking forward to a real life visit to a museum? Bring the Insta Museum Guide. An online guide for an offline experience with 9 viewing assignments


We are a bit quiet after this experience. It was impressive and we didn't expect that. What you feel from within yourself by looking at art in a different way is amazing. Kunst is een tool om dichterbij jezelf te komen. Impressive

Judith Osborn & Viv Puype ~ Stedelijk Museum



“The Art Based Learning experience is really cool. Roumayne explains it fantastically. She really invites you to go deeper than deep into a work of art

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My first time...

I still remember it well. I was still recovering from a severe stomach flu. I gave birth to our second child a few months before. And

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About LVK

Learn From Art trains and stimulates the creative thinking of entrepreneurs and teams. Offline in the museum and in galleries and online in the very first virtual "Learning From Art Museum". Watching art has never been so fun and easy to do. With methods such as Art Based Learning, Visual Thinking Strategies and Visible Thinking, there is always a way to connect you and your team. 

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Happy Customers

There is no concrete answer to my question, but strangely enough I did feel reassured. Art can help us to find the necessary silence. Clarice wrote a column about it (click on the picture).

Clarice Gargard
NRC Columnist

An Art Based Learning session is a gift for yourself; you are out of your daily routine and the session opens a new door in your head, which you need to be creative on a daily basis.

Nicole Offenberg
Leadership coach